Friday, August 6, 2010

Work, Work, Work

Today was a seriously insane day at work partly because several people were out of the store. It seemed like every thirty seconds someone needed something from me. I wouldn't normally mind too much (okay, maybe I would be a little irritated), but I have a huge amount of work piling up and it needs to be done before the weekend is over. I was not able to accomplish anything other than stressing myself out.

I tried to bring some paperwork home, but found that I really needed a program on my computer at work to complete it. Maybe I will be able to shut off the phone and cover the window on the door.

I would keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow, unfortunately I can't cross my fingers right now. They have been achy all day and after not being able to work at home, I decided to continue on a baby blanket I have been crocheting. I think I pushed it too far because now I have swollen, throbbing fingers that I am trying to hold as still as possible when I am not doing anything else.

My three things for today:
  • Spending some time sitting in the sun with Zooey the kitten. She is still really scared of anything new, but for some reason she always looks like she wants to attack every car that goes by. And don't worry, she is always on a harness outside. I am a responsible mom.
  • Compression gloves - a little relief for my sausage fingers.
  • Calling an old coworker who I haven't talked to in quite a while. I found out she hasn't smoked in three weeks. Considering that she has smoked since she was thirteen and she just turned seventy, that's major. I am so proud of her!

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Anonymous said...

Call coworker first and often to congratulate her. I quit 4 years ago and it was hard. But I did and I've not had one chest infection since. Brava to your friend.

sit with kitty next... nothing soothes the human mind, body and spirit more than the love we give our animals.

what was the other thing... oh sausage fingers. I reccomend you don't have links for dinner!!