Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Drugs Are Scary...

It's bad enough that we have to take a multitude of drugs to try and live a semi-normal life. It's bad enough that those drugs are hard to swallow or inject. It's bad enough that those drugs have nasty side effects. But do they really have to look so frightening too?

I made my weekly trip to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions and the pharmacist told me that they now made a generic version of one of my meds. Saving money is always appreciated, so I decided to go with the generic. I get home and find that the generic version is a neon orange horse pill that looks like it is radioactive or something.

Can't they make them look all pretty or put inspiring words on the pills? Something to make it a little easier when I open that pill box every morning and evening?

Grace in the Small Things - Day 2
  • This is actually pretty big thing - having insurance to cover all the prescriptions I need to live a semi-normal life.
  • Air Conditioning! It was at least 100 today, so the dogs and I hung out in front of the portable air conditioner when I got home from work.
  • Watching a movie with the hubby.
  • That my body felt pretty normal and only my fingers were achy.
  • Having the energy to clean some stuff off the bedroom floor. No more tripping!

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Anonymous said...

I have to take fish oil and let me tell you it's all I can do NOT to throw that sucker up. Forget the heimlich manuver... it wants to come up naturally. Then the other 7 I have to put down behind it, not good. My gag reflex is out of this world. But, they are suppose to help eh?

I love your little list. Yesterday it was all I could do to let the critters out to play. I'm sitting on nervous energy. That should pass in about an hour when I get the cardio out of the way.

have a good day if you can! Spoil yourself a little bit.