Saturday, September 29, 2007

A New Addition

I finally signed up for my blog and I have spent the whole last week wondering what I would write about. I don’t want to write about mundane daily occurrences, but life changing experiences don’t happen that often. So I decided to write my first entry about the newest addition to our family, Ellie. Last Thursday, my friend Karolina mentioned that she could no longer keep Ellie, a three year old Yorkie. Karolina is seven months pregnant, has a two year old son, three other dogs, two cats, and plenty of responsibilities. She originally brought Ellie home as a favor to a friend who runs a bull mastiff rescue and couldn’t have such a small dog running around. But a fourth dog was just too much, so I jumped at the chance to at least try and find her a good home. The next day Karolina dropped Ellie off and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the three pound bundle of joy.

I knew my chances were slim, but I decided to introduce her to my two other dogs and see how they got along. Within an hour of bringing Ellie to the house, I was sure we were going to have to take her to our backup family. I even gave Sunny, our seven year old Pomeranian-mix, a lecture about getting along with others. I didn’t want Ellie bounced around, but Sunny is my baby and has been through so much. She is a complete mess, but she is my mess and I would never give her up.

I called Rommel and told him that I had one more idea. If it didn’t work, he would have to call our backup and let her know she was going to have a new dog. I brought in an old baby gate that we used when we first got Simba and put it up in the bedroom door. I put Ellie and Sunny on the bed and sat there with them the rest of the evening. Sunny barked at Ellie for awhile, but they eventually both fell asleep.

It’s been a week and we bought a new tag with the name Ellie D. Sunny is happy to have a smaller dog in the house. She can play with someone other than Simba, who is a ninety pound Chow-mix. The only fights in the house are over toys, but there are more than enough to go around.

So we are one big happy family. There’s Ellie, Sunny, Simba, Daisy (the tortoise), Ziggy (the canary), and the fish. And I think this is as big as we are going to get, at least for quite a while (and that includes kids).