About Me

I grew up in an extremely small town in the Midwest until I left for college to study history and religious studies.  I met my husband in Los Angeles and one year later we were married.

Here's are little family we created-

We adopted Simba, a chow mix, from a shelter when he was two months old.  He was honestly the ugliest puppy ever since he had lost all his hair to mange and was covered in medicinal gunk.  But he has grown up to be a very handsome fellow who is very laid back unless it comes to treats.

We adopted Sunny, supposedly a Pomeranian-mix, from the Los Angeles pound when she was five years old after her owner turner her in.  The poor baby was suffering from major separation anxiety and tore up almost every piece of molding in our house.  After receiving a lot of love and attention, she began enjoying life again.

 And finally, there is the little diva, Zooey.  I was walking by an apartment building and heard a very little meow.  There is no way that I could ignore it and spent a hour trying to dig her out of the engine of a car (in a dress I might add).  We decided we would find her a good home, but could not help falling in love with her.  Now she runs the house and bosses around the dogs.

We also have a canary named Ziggy Stardust and several fish, but they prefer not to be photographed.

I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks since I was sixteen years old.  Some times are good and there is no anxiety at all.  Some times are extremely difficult and I have a hard time even going to the grocery store.  A couple of particularly bad years seemed to take a tool on my body and I began experiencing pain in my hands.  I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis after the pain spread to the rest my body.

Since my diagnosis I have felt relieved, helpless, desperate and depressed.  Now I am looking for answers.