Monday, August 30, 2010

Graces for Day 15

  • I had lunch with a good friend.
  • When I got home from work, I managed to push myself enough to grab the pups' leashes and take them for a long walk.
  • I still had energy after the walk! Normally it takes everything I got to just get through work, so it was nice to have the energy to do more once I was home.
  • I printed up a bunch of pictures of the house and the animals and wrote explanations on the back of everyone. Then I wrote cards to my Grandpa in Nevada, my Great Uncle in Ohio, and my five-year-old twin nephews in Washington and included the pictures. This way they have a better idea of our life in California. I really do hope that I continue to do this; it's fun knowing they will flip through the pics every know and then.
  • I also got some bad news today. My 90-year-old Grandpa was admitted to the hospital to the hospital on Saturday after a fall. But it is also kind of a good thing because he would not admit that he has not been feeling well, even to the doctor, but it was obvious to his wife that he has not been okay. So hopefully he will get some rest and they will have a chance to really find out what is going on.

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