Friday, August 20, 2010

Today ...

Today has not been such a good day. Work was just overwhelming and for some strange reason I felt like I was going to cry all morning. If anyone had said the wrong thing, I might have just broke down.

I have also gotten by wearing some cushy Nike sandals lately, but for some reason decided to wear a pair of tennis shoes today. I have never had a problem with them before, but as the day went on my feet hurt more and more. My hands weren't doing so well either.

I took my shoes off after work and found a really crazy bruise on the bottom of one of my feet, which may have added to the pain. I am not sure how I got it, but I would bet money that it is from stepping on a dog treat in the middle of the night. It tends to happen quite a bit.

I have a fever too.

But I guess I should be grateful that I had a few goods days before today.

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Cathy said...

I tend to not be able to wear tennis shoes often. They hurt the balls of my feet and put a strain on my ankles. My Ecco sandals are just so much more comfortable. I live in them all summer.