Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Crucible

About five years ago, a very good friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctor told her girlfriend that the odds of her survival were extremely slim. But a lot of treatments and a bone marrow transplant, she is still with us. She continues to take a lot of medication, etc, but she is happy.

I was talking to her the other day about the RA and all the other things I have been dealing with lately. She told me that when she was sick, she could not help but think about the book The Crucible. She said she pictured herself as the character that was being crushed by stones in an attempt to get him to confess to practicing witchcraft. Instead he keeps saying, "more weight, more weight." She said that was what it was like for her when she was battling her illness; she kept saying, "What else do you got? I can take more."

I would like to think that I am strong too, but right now all I can think is "I confess! No more weight!"

To be continued later...

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