Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Knowing My Limits

I was really enthused to start eating better and picked up a large number of vegetables at the farmers market on Sunday. I cleaned and prepared them all so I would have less to do in the morning before work.

I started by making some green juice using celery, carrots, lemon and apple. It actually tasted a lot like celery with cream cheese, kind of sweet tasting. What I did not like about making the juice was all the pulp that was left over. I will go ahead and compost it, but it seemed like a waste.

I also made a smoothie using a strawberry/cacao recipe I found on A Bitt of Raw. I added some hemp protein powder and flax oil to cover all the bases. It tastes just like chocolate covered strawberries. So, so good!

I also made some brown rice because I knew I would be lacking that "full" feeling, which I will totally admit I like. I ended up eating it for breakfast because I was a little worried about taking my medication after only drinking juice.

I did cave and have McDonald's at lunch, but I ordered a small meal instead of the large one I would usually have and only ate half of it. Then I had my smoothie for dinner instead.

Ever since the fatigue set it, I have been eating really, really badly, so I am pretty happy with how I did today. I felt pretty good and I did not hit a wall in the early afternoon, probably because my blood sugar levels were not a roller coaster. My back was in crazy pain, but having more energy than usual made it a tad bit easier.

I will have to prepare better next week though because my large cache of green goodies only lasted two days. I had to stop by the store to pick up some more veggies, which did not help my pain. It would be nice to have everything ready for the whole week and not have to worry about it.

After a pretty good day, I really wanted to get some stuff done at home. I placed some chicken in the oven so that I could mix up dinner for the pups and then got started on our bedroom. I have been letting things pile up for a while now and it was really wearing on me, so I threw myself into cleaning. An hour later our room looks good, but I am completely wiped. I really need to figure out what is too much for me to do on the days I work.

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