Saturday, March 20, 2010

Food Inc.

I am only about 20 minutes into Food Inc. and this is what I have already learned:

  • Most fruit is shipped into the US before ripening and then is sprayed with ethanol gas to ripen.
  • Most chicken never see the light of day in the 48 days they are living. Chickens used to be butchered after almost 3 months and weighed half as much.
  • Chickens are pumped so full of food to "plump" them up that their internal organs and bones cannot keep up and they can only move enough to reach the food and they fall over.
  • The chick hatches and is placed on a conveyor belt leading to its prison.
  • Cows cannot digest the corn they are fed (which is the cheapest possible feed) and the corn actually allows fatal e. coli to grow inside the cattle's stomach.
  • 90% of the food in grocery stores is made with some type of corn or soybeans and are "engineered."

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