Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Skinny Girls On Treadmills

It has been six years since I have been to the gym. Since that time I have graduated from college, moved to California, got married, and been working a desk job. I have also become rather lazy when it comes to exercise. Neither my husband who loves to work out and enjoys sports nor my ever expanding pants could convince me to stick with a program.

Then a read a book by Jen Lancaster about her weight loss experience. She has a wicked sense of humor and a way with words that I just loved. The book also gave me a little motivation. I began by looking up reviews on gyms in the area, which actually crushed that little nugget of motivation. The reviews were full of comments about not enough machines and dirty locker rooms. I think the one that made me cringe the most was about how patrons of a certain gym needed to thoroughly shower before entering the pool. That's just gross! How many people are so nasty that they need to "thoroughly" shower before swimming?

So I basically gave up on the whole gym thing until someone dropped off a complimentary one week passes to the Y. I knew they had a pool and basketball courts, but I never really looked into it as an option. I checked out their website and it is insane how many types of classes they offer and the services they provide. Plus the fees are not too crazy and the money goes to community programs.

I decided to head over on Sunday for a tour. I was even inspired to ride my bike over since it is not too far although it was unusually hot. I get there and no one is available to give a tour, which is fine. I start riding home and am having a really difficult time. I check the tires thinking they might be flat. Nope, they're fine. I am so hot and tired, I end up pushing my bike home. (Obviously I am in need of exercise, very badly in need of exercise.)

I went back yesterday and was impressed with the tour I received. I even stayed to work out for a while.

I went back again today (hold the applause) even though I had second thoughts. I smashed my foot into a chair in the middle of the night and it was also ninety-five degrees when I left work. I am the queen of excuses, I am. But I eventually decided I needed to get my ass there especially since I have a free pass for the week. I was quite glad I did. The only thing that got to me was the skinny chick running on the treadmill in front on me. You could see her spine between the sports bra and tiny shorts she was wearing. My god, I could count her vertebra!
Now I am tired and watching "The Wrestler". Talk about depressing, really depressing.

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