Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Legitimate Excuse, I Think

I didn't work out yesterday, but I felt justified because I was severely injured. Okay, maybe not severely, but I was injured. Rommel and I were trying to put a window screen in and he knocked over our old fashioned ironing board, which is extremely heavy and has no padding on it. It hit the side of my leg and slammed into my ankle. Blood was flowing from my leg and curse words were flowing from my mouth. I totally blame Rommel because he hadn't put the ironing board back where it should have been, which was neatly tucked behind a door on the other side of the room far from my delicate ankle.

Between my damaged toes from the previous night and my swollen ankle, I decided I was allowed to skip the gym if I a) worked on a bunch of stuff at home and b) went to the gym tonight. I cleaned our bedroom, filed a stack of paperwork that had been building for weeks, and took the dogs for a long walk.

It is an absolutely beautiful day today and I even brought my gym bag to work so that I could head straight there at 4:30. That is if they still let injury prone people into a building with dangerous equipment.

Update - I am never taking my gym bag to work with me again because it is just that much more weight I have to carry while I drag, and I mean drag, my ass home.

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