Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Marx Brothers

I am a total sucker for homeless animals and I have found a new mission in my own backyard. The apartment behind our house has been feeding a few stray cats. The first one I noticed was a white cat that has a little black moustache. I decided to name him Groucho and his three friends, two white and one tabby, are the Marx brothers.

I went back and forth a lot, but I finally caved and set out food and water dishes on the front porch where the dogs will not harass them. I just feel so bad and would prefer for them to have a constant food source other than the birds we also feed. Hopefully I can find a place to get them all fixed because we do not want feral kittens running around.

Groucho is the funniest of them all and he has taken to looking in our bedroom window at different times of the day. The obvious draw is Ziggy, our canary, who's cage sits right in front of the window. Luckily Ziggy does not even notice the cat staring at him through the window.

I went give the dogs a treat this morning and they suddenly stood up and started barking. I turn around to see two paws and a face against the window looking at me. I even managed to get a picture when he came back in the afternoon. It's not the best because Ziggy had just splashed water all over the window, but I wanted to get it while I had the chance.

As long as they do not wander into the backyard, land of the pups, I think they will be around for quite a while. Luckily Rommel and I bought a twenty-five pound bag of cat food, so we will be prepared.

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