Sunday, April 12, 2009

Funnel cake is the enemy!

Instead of the traditional ways most people usually celebrate Easter, we decided to head to the Los Angeles zoo. It was such a beautiful day and our friend Angela was able to join us, which made the day even better. No matter how many times we have been to the zoo, there is always something new to see. Take for example this little guy. The way he was lounging in the sun you would have thought we were at a fabulous resort. He just enjoyed watching all the crazy people point at him.

Towards the end we passed a funnel cake stand. I think the last time I have a funnel cake was at Disneyland six years ago. They were fresh out of the fryer with a perfect dusting of powder sugar; I could not pass it up! I chowed down on that thing and after about twenty minutes I felt like this:

Even though I had to lay down for awhile when we arrived home because my stomach was not feeling so well (damn funnel cake!!!!!!!!!!!!), it was a really great Easter. We walked the dogs, got some stuff done, and had plenty of fun.

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