Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our New Years

Rommel and I agreed that we were just going to hang out at home for New Year's Eve and New Year's day because we did so much running around for Christmas. We had a small list of things to do around the house. We managed to change the laundry room sink's faucet and fertilize the front lawn. We finished early this afternoon and fit in a relaxing nap before cutting into the pork loin that had been cooking all day.

Both Rommel and I made a few resolutions, the most important of which is our financial challenge. We will have an allowance each week to use on eating out, entertainment, and any other miscellaneous purchases. We will start with $40 per week for the first three months of the year and then subtract $10 every three months. If we really want an item that is not a necessity, we will have to save up for it. Groceries, personal items, and emergencies are the only exceptions. I think it will turn out to be a really good thing. We can put more money towards bills and savings, while cutting down on all the crap we tend to accumulate. Hopefully we will also get rid of a lot of the possessions that hold us down in the process. Since I will not be buying as many books, I can slowly open up my bookshelves. Rommel wants to sell a bunch of his jerseys and basketball shoes and he can put that money towards eating out for lunch at work or on his computer.

I also have my own goals for 2009. I will strive to walk the dogs more often and cook at home more during the week. I also register for Glendale's Downtown Dash 5K race in March. It is not very far and can be walked, but I think it is a great goal for the year and will get me moving.

Happy New Year!

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