Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lumps, Bumps, and Other Scary Things

A few nights ago I was walking into the kitchen and happened to run my free hand over the front of my jeans. I stopped in the doorway when I felt a strange bump. After double, triple, and quadruple checking, I found two marble sized lumps in my upper thigh. At first I was pretty calm about it. I knew that I could call the doctor in the morning and probably get in the same day just to have it checked out, but there were still those few hours in between the discovery and the appointment. And of course I managed to freak myself out over those few hours. I would tell myself that they were probably just fatty deposits or something of that nature, but then I would think they seemed pretty large for just fatty deposits. I would tell myself that I have no other symptoms of anything, but then I would think back to the few days I seemed really exhausted and wanted to take a nap to get through the day. As more time went by, I became more and more freaked out. When I got to the doctor's office and they measured my blood pressure, it was crazy high.

Luckily the lumps turned out to be benign cysts. They provided a reality check that I apparently needed to get my ass in gear.

I woke up today in an excellent mood since I found out the lumps were nothing serious. I had a fabulous day and had a bunch of stuff I wanted to get done after I took the dogs on their walk. I put on the dogs' harnesses and started out. We were waiting at the crosswalk when an older gentleman came near us. Sunny is scared too death of older guys for some unknown reason and began to freak out. When the light finally changed, we began to cross the street and a firetruck passed us. There were no sirens or anything; it was just driving by. Well Sunny freaked out even more and tired to run between my legs. Next thing I know I am eating asphalt.

So now I have lumps in my leg and bumps on my hands and knees. Rommel bought me chocolate chip cookies, all better.

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