Monday, January 26, 2009

I Love Great Buys!!!

About every six months I get an itch to change my surroundings. It usually starts with me cleaning a room and purging miscellaneous items, but progresses to me rearranging furniture and moving art. Rommel will walk into the room, see what it happening, and walk right back out because he knows I get crazy when I am in a "redecorating mood". Sometimes I will get to the point where I want to repaint, even demo if I could.

Well, I have been feeling that itch all weekend, but I did not know what to do with the furniture I had in the bedroom. I have a few items in the garage that I sometimes rotate, but I just was not loving any of them. We happened to go to Target for a couple of items and I found the best piece. And it was on clearance! Yeah!!! It also had a small whole in the back which really did not effect the piece at all, but we received another discount.

It was a small white chest of twelve drawers that would be a fabulous night stand that I can put a million different items in, such as jewelry or lotions and perfume.

Please ignore all the junk around the chest. I was in the process of organizing things when I took the pic.

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