Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something is not right here...

Rommel and I are in our third week of our "financial challenge" and we have failed miserably. He keeps finding what he says are such great deals on eBay and he can't pass them up. One of the great deals is a PlayStation 3. I will totally admit that it was a good deal, especially because it has a warranty, etc, but it is something we do not need. He deserves his toys and video games seem to be stress relief for him, but we both agreed to this challenge.

He has done a great job not going out to eat for lunch during the work week, which is hard for him because doing lunches is part of the advertising business. The funny thing is that because he has been eating lunch at work, he has been coming home from work at least an hour earlier than usual.

As for me, I have probably been doing worse than Rommel. Since I have been cooking at home a lot more, I have been going to the grocery store more. And I am not one of those people who make one big shopping trip a week. I have a grocery store two blocks away from my house, so I just walk there when I need something. I am sure those trips add up and would probably end up being more than the one planned trip would cost.

There is also the whole Starbucks issue. I have still been stopping there at least once a day. I have been using gift cards, which is completely within the rules, but I am going through them like crazy. Luckily I received quite a few at Christmas, but it still feels wrong. A $20 gift card pays for almost ten ice teas, but for some reason I can spend it all in one week. That is ten trips to Starbucks in one week! I should be rationing them or something because I won't have the money to waste when we cut our weekly budget even more and the gift cards will be a treat then.

We both keep making exceptions to our agreement and it's got to stop. We have to stop cheating!

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