Friday, March 4, 2011

A Hair Cut and the Zoe Zoe

I have been growing my hair out for quite awhile now but the ends were looking pretty rough, so I went to get it trimmed today. I know prices are going up for everything lately, but it kills me a little inside each time I pay $45.00 for a hair cut. Maybe it is growing up in the Midwest and never paying more than $12.00 at any salon for a cut. But then again, this is LA.

I am definitely still digging the pink hair. I thought about switching to purple for a whole two seconds, but pink is my thing.

Since I had my camera out and Zooey was looking cute as always, I took some pics of her too. I really need to include more photos of the pups next time.

And then she got annoyed by the camera in her face ... and she bit me ... more than once.

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