Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nope, Not Doing It, Never Again

This morning I took Zooey to the vet to get spayed. I called Rommel as soon as I left and told him that he would be the one taking her to the vet from now on. I have taken other cats to the vet without a problem and the dogs get anxious but behave pretty well. But oh my god, Zooey was absolutely breaking my heart. She just cried and cried and cried. I seriously thought I would break down in tears at one point, but I also knew it was for the best. It was even worse when I picked her up. I could hear her before they even opened the door. The vet tech told me that she had been quite upset since the surgery, but they knew she was not in pain so it must just be stress.

At least she is home now and after a few hours alone in the spare room, she seems to be feeling better. She even wanted to play a little with a ribbon. I am still not taking her back to the vet myself unless it is an emergency. That is now on Rommel's list of responsibilities.

Other than that dramatic experience, the rest of the day was pretty run of the mill. I ran some errands, crossed some more Christmas presents off the list, and even tried to take a nap.

I also finally admitted to myself that I did want to have Sunny, Simba, and Zooey on our holiday cards. They are my children and I like to show them off! So I returned the cards I bought and went online to design some cards. I found a really great template that has six different picture spots that make up a Christmas tree. But having so many spots for pictures meant I needed to fill them up with more than just pictures of our pets, so I began searching for pictures. Pictures of the animals is no problem; I am always taking shots of them. Pictures of Rommel was a little harder. He tends to make the same goofy face in every picture I try to take of him and I definitely do not want to send that mug out to every person we know. I eventually found one of him and Sunny that was pretty cute. Then came the hardest picture to find - me. It's not that I avoid having my picture taken, even though I will admit that I do not really like it. I am just usually the one taking the pictures. After going through almost every photo I have, I finally ended just taking a new picture of myself. The even funnier part is that I actually kind of like it. I am excited to pick them up tomorrow and will post a copy closer to Christmas.

Then a bunch of random warnings and viagra ads began popping up on my computer. I try to be really careful about what I open, but apparently I am never careful enough and this is the second computer I have used this year that has freaked out due to a virus. I guess I should just be happy it was not my work computer this time.

Time to check on Zoe Zoe and then crash. Talk to ya later.

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