Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lots of Celebrating!

So far the holidays have been absolutely wonderful. I will admit that even though I was excited about previous Christmases, I was not big on seeing a bunch of people and doing a lot because of anxiety or fatigue. But I had my mind made up that this Christmas would be different and I would make the most of it.

After I left work on Christmas Eve, Rommel and I went to have dinner at his cousin's house. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and see their kids. Then we headed over to his friend's house, which has been a tradition since they were little kids. The best part was watching the kids open their gifts before bed.

On Christmas day we took our time waking up, went out to get breakfast, and then opened some gifts. My parents gave Zooey a few sardines stuffed with catnip and Sunny a couple new squeaky toys. They had no idea what to do for Simba since he does not really like toys and is picky about treats, so I gave him a couple of extra treats from us.

And yes, I realize that I talk to my pets like they are babies and I sound like I big dork, but that's me.

In the afternoon Rommel, his mother, and I headed over to his uncle's house for a huge feast of Filipino food. Finally we went to another friend's house to wish them all a happy holiday. I did not fully realize how long I have cut myself off from people until someone said it had been two years since we had seen each other. We only live maybe a hour away from each other and her family always has something going on, inviting people over.

In the end, it was kind of a gift to myself to realize how much I missed participating in life. I am not looking to go out every night, but I definitely want to widen my circle.

We also stopped by an outdoor shopping center in town that has a three story Christmas tree in the middle of the square. It was absolutely amazing to see at night and wanted to share a picture. There is also a picture of Santa's house which was just adorable.

I do not know if it was the extremely busy weekend or the fact that I forgot to take my medicine on Sunday night, but Monday was my worst day yet when it comes to RA. Every inch of my body was in pain and I felt at a complete loss at what to do. I called my rheumatologist, but they could not help me because he was out of the office. I ended up calling my sister and just crying to her. Apparently I scared her because next thing I know my mom is calling me and Rommel came home early from work (a very rare occurrence). Once I was home, I was able to get a little more comfortable, but the pain was still extreme. I took the mobic that I missed the night before and within a couple of hours I was able to complete the work that I could not finish at the office.

I woke up this morning feeling semi-normal again. The funny thing is that I had just told my mom that I did not think the mobic was helping me at all when apparently it was what was preventing the pain the whole time. (My doctor finally called with a prednisone prescription late this afternoon.)

And I am so glad that I was feeling better today because it would have sucked to feel bad on my birthday! And I have to say that it was a pretty awesome birthday. I received some beautiful gifts from people I love, had lunch with great friends, and spent the evening with my hubby who left work early to be with me.

Rommel also sent me some gorgeous flowers. I am so lucky to be married to such a thoughtful, loving guy.

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