Friday, June 18, 2010

I was just walking to the bank when...

I heard a meow. And it was not just any meow; it was a kitten meow. It was coming from the parking area of the apartment building across the street from our house and there was no chance I could walk away from the situation.

To make a long story short, after sixty minutes of crawling all over the ground I managed to pull the kitten out of the wheel well of a car.

I was already late for an appointment, but I ran over to my work to buy a crate and some kitten food. I filled a couple of bowls with food and water and left her in an empty office while I went to my appointment. I would rather have taken her straight home, especially since I was completely covered in dirt, but it was important. A coworker told me I looked like I sat down in the parking lot and rolled around for awhile, which was great considering I was wearing one of my favorite dresses.

About a hour later I picked her up and took her to my house to assess her health. Having dealt with feral kittens before, I figured she would need to be taken to the vet due to fleas and malnutrition. I was surprised to find that other than being seriously pissed off and a little dirty, she did not have any fleas or ear mites. She was a little skinny, but who knows how long she was under that car and when she ate last.

The dogs are not too happy about her presence because they have to be removed from the room so that she can come out of the crate. She is eating solid food, so she must be at least two months old, but she is still way too small for me to trust them around her.

She has eaten quite a bit and is looking great now. We have spent some time playing, but she prefers to keep her distance from me. She'll find a small place to hide and just sit there meowing, but then she'll go after a toy.

Rommel keeps asking me what we are going to do with her. I am guessing that she is from a litter that was in somebody's home, so he thinks we should put up signs in the neighborhood. I told him that no one has put up signs looking for a kitten yet and I honestly do not want someone who did not even bother looking for her to get her back. A couple of people have shown interest at work, but I am really picky about who I would give an animal too. I am the kind of person who would have you fill out an application and show me your house before I even consider handing a pet over. Can't help it. I need to know that someone will love an animal as much as I would and give them the best care.

So I think we will have her for a little while. I already named her and Rommel is taking that as a bad sign that I will want to keep her. And I will admit that I am getting attached to Zooey (a girly name with a little attitude). We'll just have to wait and see how the dogs do or if someone great comes along and wants to give her a forever home.

All I know is that I am having fun playing with Zooey for now.

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Anonymous said...

Keep her... keep her... meeeps.... I think the fact you took the time to grab her and get her safe makes her yours doesn't it? She'll have a happy warm home or cool in the case of warmer climates. good for you. hugs. Tazzy