Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feeling like me again...

I have to admit that I have felt pretty ancient the last six months. When it takes me five minutes to walk up/down a flight of stairs because of my ankles and knees or I am laying in bed with every joint aching, I can't help but feel 1,000 years old.

So I needed to do something to remind myself that I am only thirty and still a young woman. I wanted to something that I would make me smile everyday and it came to me yesterday morning as I was walking by the drug store.

Over the last several years, I stopped dying my hair crazy colors and slowly got rid of all the piercings. I kind of miss it. I didn't want to put any needles through my body, so I opted for some fuchsia hair dye.

I put in a few pink high lights last night and they came out absolutely perfect! I love them and they definitely make me smile. Kind of makes me feel like Morgan again.

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Anonymous said...

BRAVA!! Do what ever it is you must to put some joy in your daily life. I too struggle terribly with my ankles, tibia's & femurs and when it's really bad, my hips. Then it's my wrist and elbows and cervical spine. I've been a 16 week flare from well, you know. Not fun. Love the red. Hugs. Tazzy