Sunday, June 6, 2010

Art, Movies, and Walking the Dog

The weekend started off a little iffy, but it is ending pretty darn well. I stayed in bed a little late on Saturday due to nasty cramps (sorry guys, but that's a girl's life for ya) and finally got to work an hour after I should have been there. But I was still feeling awful and ended up leaving early. I headed home, crawled into bed, and fell asleep for a couple of hours.

After some sleep and pain killers, I was feeling somewhat better, so Rommel convinced me to head out to the Montrose Art Show for a preview. I always get so excited about the art show each year and we usually go on Sunday because of my work, but we decided to browse the booths and then go back again on Sunday.

Obviously I was not in my right mind and did not consider the 100 degree weather, so I ended up with this:

And it isn't just any sunburn. Oh no, it's a graphic looking sunburn because my two tank tops and bra left three different lines on each shoulder. I also have a diagonal line across my chest because my shirt was lower on one side than the other.

It was disgustingly hot, but we enjoyed looking at everything and shared some awesome beignets, a deep fried pastry covered with powdered sugar, which were cooked to order.

Today we went back to Montrose for the farmer's market and art show. We made sure we left early because it was supposed to be just as hot as the day before and nibbled on fresh croissants while we walked. I bought an adorable painting that says "I love cupcakes" and is covered in pastel cupcakes. It will be a bright and colorful addition to my bedroom wall. Other than that, it was the usual stuff, but it was still fun.

Rommel went to his friend's place to watch the Lakers' game, so I had the whole afternoon to myself. I turned on a documentary called Herb and Dorothy about a middle class couple that have been collecting art their entire marriage and I began cleaning my bedroom. The movie was so interesting that I ended up sitting on my bed just watching the movie. Then I started another documentary on a monk who was sent on a mission to find a reincarnated Lama. Again, very good.

I also called my grandfather to wish him happy 90th birthday. I wish we could have been there to celebrate with him, but Rommel's work is crazy and I have no vacation. Maybe later this summer we can head to Vegas and visit him.

Rommel ended up coming home early because he did not want to watch the Lakers lose and decided he would rather play a video game, but I still had a lot of energy. I decided to take Simba on a walk and leave Sunny with Rommel since I have a hard time walking them together. Let's just say that I think I found my new personal trainer! Unlike a walk with both the dogs, Simba did not bark at other dogs or stop every few steps. He actually ran about a third of the way and of course I had to do it with him.

Here's a pic of my bubby, Simba, and me after our walk/run and he is clearly exhausted.

I can't forget Sunny though, so here is a pic of the two of them. Please, please, please ignore the overflowing closet in the background.

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