Friday, May 9, 2008

Movies ruin books!

Rommel had to work late last night, so I decided that I was going to veg most of the evening. I placed the cages I bought around my new tomato plants, watered all the flowers, and made sure all of the animals were taken care of for the night. Then I took a quick shower, grabbed a bowl of pasta, and sat down to watch PS I Love You. I was really looking forward to watching it all week, but I kept wondering if I would like it since I had absolutely loved the book.

I was so upset with the changes they made that I fumed about it all evening, which is totally ridiculous. Forget that they moved it from Ireland to America or that they seriously altered one of Holly's love interests, it was the changes to her family that upset me the most. In the movie Holly's father left when she was fourteen and her sister is a wacky character that you don't really care that much for, but in the book her family is wonderful. Her parents are together, she has supportive brothers and sisters, and they all keep in close contact. It wasn't that her family wasn't nice in the movie, but they weren't as lovable; you didn't necessarily want to be part of that family.

It's funny how much a book can mean to you and that even as a reader you feel protective of it.

I suppose from now on I should only read the books after the movie or not at all.

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