Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Construction Site

I seriously wanted to rant on and on about our plumbing dilemma, but it seemed like every time I mentioned where we were at with the plumbers another problem would arise and the cost increased. After I week, I am finally able to vent!

Day 1 - $80 - $200 to snake the main drain.

Day 2 - $900 to dig up the outside sewer connection outside the house and snake it to the city connection. You can see how the hole they dug would fill up with soapy shower water while one of us would take a shower.

Day 2 - $4100 to replace 40 feet of sewer pipe using the trenchless method. The old pipes were made of clay and probably cracked in an earthquake years ago, which attracted all the roots in the neighborhood and they filled the whole pipe.

Day 3 - $10,000 to replace the 4" sewer pipe that connect our new pipe to the 6" sewer pipe because the 4" pipe is surrounded by roots. The roots were huge! They probably cracked the pipe just by growing in them.

Day 4 - $15,000 to get city permits, dig up the 6" sewer pipes, tear out the side walk, replace the pipe, and permaline the pipe all the way to the city sewer connection.

We are waiting for the city to do the final inspection and then the construction site in our front yard will be gone and all that will be of our adventure with Express Plumbing will be a huge dirt patch. Honestly, my husband and I are just happy everything is fixed and it is pretty much over with. We were so restricted with what we could do and it is nice to be able to do laundry again and not worry about how long you have been in the shower.

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