Friday, August 1, 2008


I spent most of last week preparing for my mom's visit, which included a lot of repair work around the house. I know it sounds like my house is a disaster, but it really only needs small things all over, not major stuff. My mother-in-law has lived there for almost twenty years and never really took care of things like the faucets, etc, unless something broke. I have a very long list of things I have been wanting to finish and my mom's visit was the catalyst to getting a lot of it done. Usually we go to Illinois or we all meet somewhere, so she's never stayed at our place and I wanted everything to be perfect. Of course my mom said that I was doing way too much and to relax so I had a little energy left for her visit, but I still went at it all full force. After it was all said and done, I'll even admit that I took on too much.

But her visit was great and we had so much fun! I tried not to plan too many things because I wanted her to relax also, but we did something everyday she was here. I think we both enjoyed this quilting store we discovered the most. I have walked past it several times, but it was always closed so I never actually went in before. They had the best fabrics, all these amazing vintage prints. I could have spent so much money in there and my sewing machine has been packed in the garage for years. We ended up making some throw pillows for my bedroom and a few coffee cozies (replaces the cardboard ones you get at Starbucks, etc.). We even went back the day before she left and bought more fabric. I am going to attempt a pillow pattern the shop owner gave me and maybe a purse.

Once my mom left and I had to go back to work, I intended on relaxing for at least a couple of nights. I tend to get anxious after emotional events, such as a wonderful visit ending, and I didn't want to push myself too much. Well, it didn't happened. I got home and thought of something else to do, which ended up taking me hours and two trips to the hardware store. The next night I had plans with girls from work for dinner and a trip to Color Me Mine. I had to drag myself there, but I had a really good time. I painted a whale bank in leopard print. I'm excited to see how it turns out! If it's not too bad, I might post a picture.

Anyways, there is still more I want to do before my mother-in-law gets back. Hopefully I can get everything on my list checked off over the weekend.

What I have done so far:
  • filled nail holes in the walls and painted my bedroom
  • replaced curtain rods and curtains
  • replaced the diverter and the shower head in my bathroom (extremely happy about that!)
  • repainted a few items in my room, including Ziggy's birdcage stand
  • painted and hung five hanging planters in the backyard
  • put up a fence dividing the backyard (keeps the dogs from the tortoises)
  • fixed the washing machine
  • flushed the water heater (which I just learned needs to be done every year)
  • replace the drain valve on the water heater that broke when I flushed it out
  • replaced outdoor water faucets
  • replaced all the front yard sprinklers
  • cleaned out the garage and tried to organize it
  • put shelves in the laundry room
  • put a hole in the bathroom wall (long story)
  • replaced the toilet handle my husband broke off
Still needs to be done:
  • replace the tank systems in the toilets and clean out the scale
  • fix the hole in the bathroom wall
  • paint the bathroom a lovely fun shade of pink
  • plant some grass seed

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Amanda said...

When did you turn into a handywoman???