Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Wore What?

I have an extremely hard time getting going in the morning and I tend to just throw on a t-shirt, jeans, and a sweater. I have been trying to break out of my fashion rut and decided to take pictures here and there to share.

Brooches have definitely been a recurring theme lately, which I picked up at a flea market and Etsy.

I was feeling exceptionally fashionable on Monday and felt like wearing a cute, frilly dress. It was made of several layers that just made me want to twirl. I also put away my usual Converse for a pair of ballet flats. The sad thing is that my feet seem to have gotten larger over the last year and most of my flats are pretty tight on my poor toes. I guess I will have to go looking for new shoes!

I would love to be able to still wear heels, but it bothers my feet to even stand up in them plus they do not really fit my job, etc. I found a pair that I absolutely love the other day at TJ Maxx. Oh, how I wish I could wear these! I doubt my husband would agree to the $179.99 price tag though (it even makes my heart stop a little).


* Valerie * said...

Your octopus brooch has been flamed a bit recently on

Morgan said...

Believe me, I know! But I thought it was cute for the $4.00 I paid for it. I can't believe anyone would pay $75.00 for a piece of jewelry like that, but I also can't believe someone would buy a vagina necklace with octopus tentacles either.