Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Days at the Los Angeles Zoo

We wanted to try and spend as little money as possible this last weekend to save for our anniversary. It just so happened that the Los Angeles Zoo was having their snow days where they cover certain animal habitats with snow. This was perfect for us because we have a membership to the zoo and the only money we would spend would be any food, etc.

The elephant, tiger, brown bear, giant otter, and snow leopard habitats were not really covered in much snow since it was pretty warm that morning, but there was some and the animals really seemed to be enjoying it. On previous visits, the tigers always seem to be sunning themselves and enjoying a lazy day, but on this occasion they were incredibly active. It was interesting to see this amazing animal behaving just like our six pound house cat behaves.

We also went to the bird show, which we almost always seem to miss. The best part of the show was the crow named Jack. He had been trained to find a hidden aluminum can and then place it in a recycle bin to show the children the importance of recycling.

After two hours of walking around, we came home to our own little zoo full of interesting animals. I was in some pain and wiped out for the rest of the day, but as always it was worth it and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

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