Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Floats, Rain, and Donations

On Sunday Rommel and I set out to see the Rose Parade floats that are on display the day after the actual parade. I thought that it could be my new experience for January and fulfill one of my goals for 2011. But once we got to the Rose Bowl we realized that we would have to pay for the tickets and the shuttle to the floats plus it was starting to rain. I will admit that part of me was worried about panicking and not being able to leave when I wanted because of the whole shuttle thing, but I was going to go through with it. Then Rommel said that he did not really care if we went or not, so we opted to do something else instead.

We headed to Melrose Ave. to browse the vintage shops and see if I could find some fabulous costume jewelry. We found the best little trading post / flea market when we got there and it was only two bucks to get in. Then it started pouring. We wandered around the booths for a short time before the vendors started packing up.

As you can tell, Rommel was none to pleased to be walking around in the cold rain while I looked for jewelry.

We finally decided that we should go home where it was warm and dry to watch movies. At least we tried though! And Rommel agreed to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market next weekend, which is a huge gathering of antiques, handmade items, and food. I can't wait!

And I was able to accomplish one goal on my list which was to sort through some of my stuff and pull out anything I do not use, etc. I ended up with two boxes of clothes for Goodwill and a box of books for the library. I don't know why you would want to see a picture of the boxes, but I was happy about finishing the task and decided to post one anyway.

I have also been working on my blog by adding pages about myself and my medications. Hopefully there will be more cool stuff to come.

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