Sunday, January 9, 2011

Flea Market Fun

Rommel and I headed to the Rose Bowl for the flea market that is held there once a month. Let me just tell you that this flea market is absolutely huge with antiques, vintage items, and handmade items. We walked around for almost four hours and still did not see everything.

I set out looking for vintage jewelry, such as brooches, and maybe a smaller purse. I ended up finding some scarfs and a peacock brooch that will be perfect on my orange coat.

I have also been looking for a ceramic plate that has the ridges on it to divide up food. I am not obsessive about it or anything but I prefer different foods not to touch each other. And I found a quirky one for five bucks! We were walking out of the flea market gates and I lost my grip on my bag. Crack! I was really hoping that the damage would be small so that I could glue it together, but it was worse than I thought.

We also had a nice surprise when we ran into the Thierry Guetta from Banksy's movie, Exit Through the Gift Shop. He was extremely nice and when we asked for a picture, he insisted that he take one with both of us.

Four hours of walking definitely took everything out of me, but it was so much fun and I cannot wait to go back again.

My body is completely achy now so the rest of the day will be filled with blankets, books, and mac and cheese. Definitely a good day.

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