Monday, May 17, 2010

My nemesis ... clutter

There is no other way to say it; I hate clutter. I am one of those people who may have a lot of stuff on their desk at work, but everything has it's place. I even turn off my computer when I leave the office so that no one is tempted to sit at my desk and touch anything. Yes, I know I can be somewhat anal.

When it comes to our home, I have a lot of artwork, books, and clothes, but I try to keep everything organized and out of the way. Every few months my husband and I clear out things we do not use or do not need and donate it. But when you have a lot of crap, it takes work to keep everything neat. The energy to do that work is not something I have had for quite a while due to my RA and things have begun to just pile up around my bedroom. I honestly hate looking at it, but every time I even think about cleaning up the clutter, I think about the other things that need to be done around the house. I just don't have the energy to do that much and I just have to pick what is most important, which is not putting away laundry.

But last week I tripped over the suitcase I had not unpacked from vacation last month and that was the last straw. I knew that I just had to put in the work and I would feel better when it was done (probably not physically, but at least emotionally and mentally).

I started with my books, which I love, and the four sets of shelves they occupy. I rarely keep books that I have read because I give them to people I think would like them, which means almost all the books were unread. My husband would prefer for me to get rid of all of them, which is what he was hoping would happen after he gave me the Kindle, but there is no way I can do that. I slowly went through them, trying to be honest with myself if I would eventually read it or not. I sold quite a few to Powells and will donate the rest, which left me with two full sets of shelves.

We decided on the entertainment unit pictured below from Ikea that would hopefully keep us more organized.

I was exhausted after lugging the three huge boxes into the house, but then we still had to put the thing together. I love Ikea, but damn. The whole unit is mostly held together by little wooden pegs and every time we would put one piece on, another would fall off. I am also surprised my husband did not threaten to divorce me after the amount of times I told him to put the wrong pieces together. Two hours later, we had the unit together and lay collapsed on the couch. But I could not leave it at that. I ended up organizing the books I had left before I walked away.

I worked on our room a little more tonight, but after yesterday I am pretty stiff and my knees are achy so I took it easy. I still need to go through my wardrobe, hang up the artwork we took down, and sift through some random stuff. I figure if I spend a little time each night, I will have everything pretty much organized by the end of the week. But it is usually all or nothing for me, so if I am going to put in the time, I want everything just right.

On a completely different note, here's a picture of my new haircut. Obviously I really like it because I never ever take pictures of myself. I haven't even taken the time to pluck my eyebrows lately because of the energy it takes so I was really happy to feel pampered.

I also took a picture of my right hand, which is the one I have the most problems with. It actually looks pretty normal in this picture, but if you look at my ring finger you can see the indentation from a ring. I have worn my grandmother's turquoise ring everyday for almost ten years and I honestly did not think about the problems with the inflammation in my hands until the other day when I was twisting the ring. I realized how tight it was and I could not pull it over my knuckle. I was praying that I would not have to have it cut off, which would not only upset me but also my mother. After painfully placing my hand on an ice pack for several minutes and then applying quite a bit of coconut body butter, my husband was able to yank it off. It saddens me to look down at my hand and not see the ring, although it still feels like it is there. Hopefully I will not have problems with my wedding rings because I would really be upset if I could not wear them.

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