Monday, May 31, 2010

Looking for the bright side of life...

I have been in a pretty bad mood the last couple of days. It started yesterday morning. The bed was just so comfortable and we did not have anything to do until one in the afternoon, so I slept in until noon. I am not sure if it was the fact that took my anxiety meds a few hours later than usual or it was the RA, but I woke up nauseous and with a low fever. Plus my right hand is completely swollen and achier than usual.

We went to lunch with some friends and their completely adorable newborn, which was the bright spot of the day. Between holding Maddy and getting to see Angela, who I am used to seeing at least four days a week at work, I was distracted and happy. For that ninety minutes I almost forgot how bad I felt and how uncomfortable the sudden hot weather was.

Instead of running the errands we had planned on, Rommel ended up taking me straight home and placing a fan directly on me while I crashed on the bed. I tried to read, but ended up just closing my eyes and falling back to sleep for two more hours.

I had no appetite when I woke up, but Rommel and I decided to slowly walk to the grocery store for some crackers and Starbucks iced tea. It felt good to get moving, but I still felt like I was burning up and just felt off in general.

After sleeping all day, I could not get to sleep last night and just tossed and turned instead. It was nice that the temperature outside dipped quite a bit, so I was able to snuggle under the covers with the window open though.

I left for work this morning while Rommel was still asleep since he has Memorial day off. I just wanted to stay in bed with him, but I knew I could not call in because we are short staff as it is and I had a pile of paperwork waiting for me.

I have pretty much spent the last eight hours in the upstairs office by myself (typical Monday) and trying not to be too bitchy when someone asks me for something. I have been trying to cheer myself up and remind myself how lucky I am, etc, but then I to go back to my work writing or typing which sends shooting pain through my hand.

Rommel and I might walk to the bakery when I get off work and pick up something special for the holiday. I may be exhausted and hate the idea of walking at the beginning, but walks almost always put me in a better mood.

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