Monday, December 14, 2009

Girl Stuff

I started trying to eat better last week, cutting out most processed foods, and it went well the first few days. Then my digestive system started to react to all the fruits and veggies I had been eating. I read that is actually a good thing, the fiber cleaning everything out. It could also be the food combinations I have been eating, which I need to read more about.

On Thursday I was desperately craving something like pizza and was quick to convince a friend to head to a local pizza joint for lunch. As for how much I ate, let's just say buffets are a very bad thing. I was in physical pain the rest of the afternoon.

Things kind of went downhill after that. I knew something was up because I did not feel quite right and I was craving everything that was bad for me. It turns out that I was about to start my period, which was a really good sign. Not a good sign in an afraid I might be pregnant way, but in a have not had my period in months due to stress. At least I know that my stress level is lower now, which is probably because my anxiety is not as bad.

So I gave in to some of my cravings over the weekend, but I am ready to get back to the good stuff. I made three days worth of green smoothies today and filled the cabinet with brown rice and brown rice pasta.

My big question is when will the cravings stop?

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