Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Buying veggies and cleaning cabinets.

Yesterday I really tried to prepare for a week of healthy eating. I stopped by the grocery store and filled my basket up with apples, bananas, carrots, sugar snap peas, and broccoli. I also bought plenty of brown rice and brown rice pasta because I want to avoid anything with white flour or wheat in it. I also knew that I would be craving something snacky like a cookie or cracker. I found a honey brown rice puff cereal that was not only organic but it only had five ingredients and I knew exactly what each one was. I figured it would be the best option when I want something sweet but crunchy, etc, instead of running for some sugar-packed junk.

Then I tackled my pantry, well it is actually more like a small part of the pantry. Over five years I have managed to claim one large cabinet out of several in our kitchen. My mother-in-law uses the rest of them. It's a long story, but I realised it was probably for the best when I had to throw away almost two-thirds of its contents because they had expired. I originally just wanted to get rid of the junk but once I started the garbage bags just kept filling up. I have a tendency to buy things and completely forget I ever bought them, which was hard for me to deny when looking at a trash can full of unopened boxes and cans. More than anything it made me feel guilty for all the mouths that food could have fed if I had not wasted it and also the trash I was creating.

Once that job was done I washed all the veggies and placed them in bags so I could grab them on the way to work.

I finished off by eating some of the brown rice pasta with butter (I can't give up all the bad stuff just yet) and steamed broccoli.

Today I had a banana for breakfast, brown rice pasta for lunch, carrots and sugar snap peas for a snack, and then brown rice and steamed broccoli for dinner. And yes, there was a Starbucks green iced tea in there too. I know that it was pretty boring, but I am not really a big foodie and it was easy. I also have an "allergy" to quite a few fruits and veggies that causes slightly swollen lips and a scratchy throat. It's more annoying then anything, but after a few minutes I usually do not feel like continuing to eat them. When I tried the green smoothies in the past, I actually stopped reacting to them at all, which will hopefully happen again this time. I will incorporate more variety over time, but right now it is whatever is easiest.

I feel pretty good about today and excited about tomorrow.

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