Thursday, October 1, 2009

Making my life easier...

I have a lot of artwork hanging in my house. Clean white walls are just the perfect way to showcase my eclectic collection of Andy Warhols, local artists' work, and other pieces. The problem is that each time I get a new piece, I feel the need to rearrange everything. I never get it right the first time and I will obsess over it until I get them the exact way I want them. It takes a lot of time to rehang everything and I end up putting quite a few holes in the walls.

So I began looking online for a system to hang all the artwork I have without having to get out a hammer and nails every single time. I was frustrated at first because even though most of the rails are cheap, the cables and clips can be really expensive, especially if you need to buy quite a few of them.

Finally I found the perfect gallery system called the Jrail. It was extremely simple to put up and blends into the white wall. There were a couple of choices for both the cables and clips depending on how much weight you are hanging, but since I do not have anything that is too heavy, I was able to go with the cheaper option.

In the end I spent about a hundred dollars for two six foot rails and around fifteen cables and clips. I actually bought a couple extra cables and clips in case I lose one at some point and will not have to order more. For the amount of wall space it covers, I think it was a good buy. The best part was that it only took me about fifteen minutes to arrange each wall, including leveling them all out. That is seriously a record for me and I was over the moon that it was so freaking easy.

Other than the spots where you can see the spackle from the holes I had to fill, I think it looks pretty fabulous.

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Amanda said...

That looks awesome! I'm inspired now, but I just repainted the living room and Ed will KILL me if I do it again.