Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family Vacation

We have seen dolphins and seals from our window. We have been boogie boarding in the chilly ocean water (and I swallowed a lot of the ocean water). We have been on very, very long walks every morning (4 miles long in case you were wondering) and toured the town. We have made special trips for milkshakes and peanut buster parfaits (I missed dairy queen sooooooooooo much, good thing we went on all those walks). There has also been a major amount of reading and relaxing. All my idea of a great vacation! Okay, to be honest I could go with the walking part but at least I will not have gained ten pounds when I get back.

Rommel had to leave early which was not part of the original vacation plan. We found out that his brother was coming in town for a wedding over the last few days of our trip and he needed someone to pick him up, etc. Rommel, being the wonderful person he is, volunteered to pick him up, let him use his car while he is in town, and then drop him off at the airport when he leaves. I completely understand it, but it still kind of blows since we only see my family twice a year.

Anyway, he left around eight last night and the rest of us watched Ghost Hunters, one of my favorite shows. I normally do not have too much of a problem watching ghost shows, but I decided to continue watching TV after everyone else headed to bed and I could not stop looking at the windows. I kept getting a creepy feeling and ended up running for my bedroom without turning out any lights. Once the windows were locked and the shades were drawn, I tried to sleeps, but it wasn't really happening for me. I had agreed to walk with my parents again this morning, but I was too exhausted. I made a mental note to only watch ghost shows when Rommel is home from now on.

We hit the farmers market today and a few little shops along the harbor. I got these fabulous ceramic day of the dead skulls that were hand painted and a few gifts for the people covering my job at work.

Once we were home I read for a few hours and then decided to take a walk on the beach by myself. It is so nice to take my shoes off and walk through the tide, the water soaking the bottom of my sun dress. Every time the tide went out it would sweep the sand from underneath my feet leaving this empty space. That's kind of what it feels like knowing this vacation is almost over, like something has been sweeping the time out from under me before I am ready.

Enough over thinking things! I still have two full days left and I intend to make the most of them.

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