Friday, July 31, 2009

It wasn't my fault, I swear!

I can grow tomatoes, green beans, peppers, peaches, and flowers, but indoor plants are a completely different story. I have had a peace lily and a bleeding heart for a couple of years, but they never seem to do well. I noticed the soil in their pots had quite a bit of mineral deposits from the tap water, so I decided to replace some of the old soil with fresh potting soil.

Two weeks ago they were alive, but today they are dead. I am a murderer. It was more like manslaughter because it was an accident though. They died from kindness apparently. Okay, it was really drowning, but I like to think of it as kindness.

But I want greenery around me indoors. I like to know the air in my house is clean from all the nasty chemicals in the world. But I can't have that because I can't keep the freaking indoor plants alive!

Maybe I will give it one more try or maybe not. I would hate to keep sacrificing the poor unsuspecting souls. I don't even kill bugs, why would I knowingly do that.

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