Thursday, July 30, 2009

Apparently we need to work on our communication

Normally Rommel and I both take the dogs to the groomers. Simba and Sunny can be a little difficult for one person to handle. Sunny likes to climb all over the driver and Simba tends to bolt out the car door as soon as you open it.

It's been so hot and Simba really needed a cut. I could not manage to get out of work to help Rommel take the dogs, so I only made an appointment for Simba. Rommel walked Simba over in the morning and we went to pick him up during my lunch. Sunny had been upset because she thought Simba went on a walk without her, so I brought her along with us. I sat in the car with Sunny as Rommel paid the groomer and then I saw Simba.

"What the f**k did he do to him?" That was the only thing that came out of my mouth when I saw him. And this is why...

I was seriously ready to jump out of the car and scream at the poor groomer for making my beautiful lion look like Yoda when Rommel says, "Oh yeah, I told him to shave his head too." My fury moved to Rommel. We always have the groomer do a lion cut, which leaves the hair around the head and the tail long while cutting the rest extremely short. We ALWAYS get the lion cut!!! The only reason I did not freak out on him was because he thought even the long hair on his head would be too hot because of the recent weather. He was wrong, but he had Simba's best interest at heart.

So now I have my own doggie Yoga at home. My very own Doga.

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