Thursday, March 12, 2009

Glendale Downtown Dash

We have been trying to come up with alternative ideas for advertising at work and when I saw the brochure for the second annual Glendale Downtown Dash, I knew it would be perfect. At first I was just thinking we could put a team together for the 5K, but then we decided to sponsor a booth too. Eventually it ended up being two coworkers, my husband and I competing in the 5K, working a booth for about seven hours, and putting together six hundred gift bags filled with hand sanitizer, small hardware related items, and a coupon. It was a lot of work, but it was totally worth it. We were supporting stroke awareness and the community, while advertising the store.

Angela, Karolina, Rommel and I ended up placing 777 - 780 out of 992 participants which was not bad at all considering we walked the whole 5K. What's funny is that the race was the same distance, if not less, than what Rommel and I walk every evening, but for some reason this seemed more difficult. If you ask me, it was the mile markers along the way telling you just how small of a distance you have walked up to that point. Or it could have been the runner who passed by us three times before we passed the finish line.

The booth was crazy because we were one of the few giving away free stuff. Rommel yelled out the word free and people came running. Angela and I went to grab something to drink and by the time we came back almost everything was gone. We actually had to close up early because people started leaving once the race was over and they had seen all the booths, which was fine with me because we were able to make it to the farmers market we go to every Sunday.

In the end, we had an excellent time and are planning to participate again next year whether it is for work or just for ourselves.

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