Friday, February 20, 2009

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Simba was able to spend a Saturday afternoon with me at the office. He did really well, but was not very happy after a couple of hours. He must have thought he was going for a long walk and instead was tricked into going to the office. He is so cute with his new hair cut!

My husband and I had the pleasure of babysitting Mikey, while my friends went off to Vegas to get married. For the first twenty four hours, Mikey did not want to leave the pillows of our bed or the top of our couch. But he always brightened up when we went outside for a walk. His tail immediately went up and he had a major spring in his step.

Rommel and I fell in love with him, even to the point of renaming him our little monkey face because of his under bite. He loved to sleep between our heads and crawl beneath the covers, which was absolutely adorable. Unfortunately his sleeping habits also prevented us from getting much sleep because we were so afraid he would suffocate under the thick comforter that we would hold the comforter up to provide breathing room.

Now on to Bailey. I do not agree with buying dogs from breeders, but when my coworker brought her new English bull dog puppy to work, I could not help but snuggle her. Despite the snorting and farting, she is absolutely adorable.

Nothing special happened with Sunny lately, but I can't leave her out!

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* Valerie * said...

How many dogs do you have?!