Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Wonderful World of Green Smoothies

I have never tried many diets, but I have tried to change the way I eat overall. It's not that I wanted to lose weight necessarily, although that would be fabulous. I just wanted to treat my body better and give it what it needs. I went veg for eight months over a year ago and I have tried to give up processed foods before. I may be excited at first, but things get tough or I get bored and give up.

But I think I have finally found the answer and that my friends is something called a green smoothie.

I bought Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko because it caught my eye while I was browsing the raw foods books and ended up reading it in one sitting. She is a raw foodist who hit a plateau and wanted to find out what was missing from her diet, which happened to be greens. The research she has done is really interesting, but I could have done without the in depth information on blood acidity, etc. I loved reading the testimonials the most. People who did not know what else they could do to improve their health or were just to lazy to try anything too complicated were successful in keeping up with their green smoothies because it is so easy.

You do not have to change your diet if it is not that bad to begin with. You just add one quart of green smoothie to your daily intake, which is not hard because they are easy to make and not bad at all.

Today is my third day incorporating the smoothies into my diet. Each night I blend up enough for the next day so I don't have to mess with it in the morning. I have a reusable bottle that I can easily carry with me to work. I have substituted it for breakfast, but still eat regularly the rest of the day. I will say that I have been eating less though.

Today I am having a green smoothie made from mango, banana, and kale. I will admit that it looks like slime and most of the people around me keep reminding me of that fact, but it is actually good. You can't the kale at all!

It is so easy even my husband agreed to try it with me. I told him to give it a couple of weeks before making any judgements about it. If this does make me feel better and have more energy, I am buying a copy of this book for all my loved ones.

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