Thursday, March 12, 2009

My children...

When it comes to my pets, I imagine that I am like one of those parents who must show everyone they run into the fifty pictures of their kids that they carry in their wallet . I love to talk about my pets and show off pictures, although I never them with me. But I am also surrounded by animal people most of the time, so they love to hear the stories, just like I love to hear theirs.

Basically I am trying to say that I post a lot of pictures and stories of my "babies". They are my children and always will be, even if I do have children one day. So if you do not like animals, go to another site.

Anyway, we bought Sunny a new bed the other day because it was rather cold and she usually begins the night by sleeping on the floor. She eventually moves to the bed, but I did not want her to be uncomfortable on the cold floor, especially since she is getting older. I found the perfect giraffe print bed and she looks absolutely adorable in it. Of course, she only sleeps in it ever now and then, apparently preferring the cold floor to a warm bed.

Then there are Daisy and Squirt, the tortoises. I feel so bad that they have had to stay inside 24/7 due to cold weather, but it will soon be warm again and they can bury themselves in fresh dirt all they like. Until then, they are in love with their heat lamp, which they bask under most of the day. I gave them a bath yesterday afternoon (tortoises usually do not drink water, they absorb it through their skin). I wanted to make sure I did it early enough that they would have plenty of time to get toasty again under the lamp. They crawled around in the tub for about twenty minutes then scattered as soon as I put them back in their cage. I walked in a few minutes later to find this scene:

Squirt decided he wanted to be closer to the heat lamp, so he climbed on top on Daisy. I am sure she will be very happy when they move back to their outdoor enclosure which is four times the size of their indoor cage and she can get away from him.

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