Friday, October 5, 2007

Waiting for the breeze...

“You may feel like a bug that has been flipped on its back today. Your legs are flailing wildly in order to get you back on your feet. The harder you wiggle around, the more exhausted you become. You might consider just giving yourself a rest and waiting for a breeze to come along and push you back over. Trust that you will be back on your feet soon enough. In fact, it may be good for you to lie there motionless for a while to absorb a bit of humor from yourself and your situation.”

I don’t take much stock in horoscopes, but I check it every so often and the passage above was from mine last Friday. I thought it was so funny I printed it out to show my husband. This afternoon I found myself thinking about that horoscope again and realizing that it is more fitting for this Friday. Today I am the bug flipped on its back and apparently I have been flailing my legs a lot because I am completely exhausted. It has just been one of those days when one thing after another happens.

I’m not complaining. If anything, it’s made me realize that I need to change some things in my life. I need to keep my family closer and let the people I love know how much I appreciate them. I need to live my life, really live my life, so that I don’t have regrets later.

So I’ll rest here for awhile and wait for the breeze to come along.

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