Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ellie, The Wonder Dog

As we made plans for our vacation, I knew that we would have to find someone to watch Ellie. My mother-in-law does a wonderful job with Sunny and Simba, but Ellie would have been a bit much for her, so Rommel's coworker was the perfect person for the job. Susan is a dog person, single, and could bring Ellie to work with her. I thought it would be really good for her too because she never adopted another dog after her last one passed away, plus she could take Ellie to the nursing home to visit her mother.

It worked out better than I could have imagined. Susan fell in love with Ellie and spoiled her beyond belief. Her mother could not wait to see Ellie, who acted like a perfect little lady at the nursing home. Her mother even began to ask when Ellie was visiting instead of Susan (not so good). But it brought a new sense of joy to their lives and also some new friends. Susan's mom is now a social butterfly at the home and Susan has play dates planned for weeks.

To make a long story short, Susan is keeping Ellie. Believe me, I desperately wanted her back, but I couldn't imagine taking her away, especially when it came to Susan's mother. And I knew it would be good for Ellie. Susan treats her unbelievably well and she gets so much love and attention. I cried for quite a while, but I knew that she belonged with Susan.

I still miss her. We only had her for a short time, but that little dog makes a big impact in people's lives. She's finally found her real home with Susan and loves her weekly visits to the nursing home.

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juls said...

Hey Morgan, I found the link to your blog from Val's blog. I just wanted to say this post totally made me cry! It sounds like everything turned out well for everyone involved. You're a great doggie mommy!