Saturday, October 27, 2007

Doom and Gloom

I had some extra time last night, so I decided to see if CNN's special "Planet in Peril" was any good. Yes, there was good information in the documentary, but it was mostly just depressing. If I was just becoming involved in environmentalism and watched that, I would be so overwhelmed with the current devastation (which I am anyway) and think what's the point of me doing anything.

I guess I'm just tired of seeing so many depressing shows and articles on global warming and the declining condition of the world. What happened to "one person can make a difference"?

I honestly think that there would be a much better response if things were presented in a more positive light. Yeah, things are headed in a bad direction, but we can change that! Use 100% post consumer recycled paper, save a tree! Change your light bulbs to CFLs and we all breath easier! They may be exagerating, but messages like that would make me want to try and do some good unlike the facts and figures of glacial melting.

It's not that those facts and figures aren't important, but taking action is more important.

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