Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tossing the TV out with the trash

Okay, not really because Rommel would ring my neck if I really did get rid of the TV, but it seriously would be the best thing for both of us. I think that I have watched more TV in the last month than I watched last year!

I come home from work, set down my purse, and turn on the TV in the bedroom to see what is on. I might make dinner if Rommel is lucky and then move to the living room to check what was recorded on the DVR. Finally I turn off the TV and then head to bed. Between being sick, dealing with the insanely achy joints and the other ever changing symptoms of the RA, and just being down right lazy, that's pretty much all I want to do.

I will add that I try to work on some crochet or embroidery when my hands feeling pretty good, but that is all.

But things felt different today. I actually felt ... wait for it ... BORED with lying around watching TV. I haven't had as much back pain since I met with the physical therapist last week and he gave me some daily exercises to stretch out my neck and shoulders, so I am not experiencing as much fatigue. Plus I had a massage today, which always makes things better.

I came home with my muscles all relaxed and headed to the bedroom. I clicked on the TV and ended up watching "Say Yes To the Dress." But after a few minutes I ended up glancing around the room like something interesting to do would pop up. I called Rommel hoping that he would be home from work at a decent time so that he could entertain me, but he was slammed and did not think he would be home until really late. Obviously desperate, I even considered climbing on the elliptical to burn up some energy. And I have a serious hatred for that machine!

I decided the pups really deserved to get out for a little while. Lately I have not been able to walk both of them by myself because the pulling is too much for my wrists, but Rommel has been working a lot of late nights, so there haven't been any walks at all. As soon as I grabbed the keys, Simba and Sunny were running to the basket where we keep their leashes. Luckily there were not too many other dogs out for walks, so they were really well behaved and we had a good time.
Now that I am sitting here with the pups passed out at my feet, I actually feel like I accomplished something tonight and that is a good feeling. I may also be sitting here watching "Ghost Hunters," but I know that I want to keep this feeling going. Even if I only accomplish something small, I want to accomplish something each day.

This is the view when I leave for work every Saturday morning and what I would prefer to be doing. But these three are also the reason I keep going.


Stacy said...

Aww Morgan!! I had not idea about the arthritis (haven't kept up much lately...still crazy here SORRY!) I hope you get to feeling better soon. Dad's dealing with something like that too right now and my back pain has flared this week worse than ever, so realize you have company if that makes the day to day misery better :) BIG BIG hugs!

Caro said...

Hi There,
Well, having just been diagnosed with RA at the ripe old age of 32 I am now searching the web and really appreciating reading the lives and times of others going through the same thing...thank you!

Although I am new to all this and slowly working out what I can and can't do, what helps etc, I just saw your post about walking with your dogs and it is something I can completely relate to and that I've managed to find a (semi) solution for!
Obviously if I'm feeling really and truely awful I can't take our pooch (a 17 month old big and young so likes to pull!) out BUT a few weeks ago we ordered a 'gentle leader' collar thing off ebay and it has revolutionised my walking with her! It fits loosely around mouth and behind ears and if she pulls forward it tightens a little which isn't as comfy for her. But it was an instant success, she feels the tug before it ever reaches my sore wrist or shoulders and though it took a bit for her to get used to, we now have a dog that walks beside me on a loose lead which means I feel in control and not in pain taking her out!
Not meant to sound like an ad, there's lots of different sorts of them for cheap prices, just thought if I didn't send a note straight away I would forget and I'm picking up tips and guidance here so hope that something I've learned might help someone else!
Take care and thanks for the blog,