Monday, June 22, 2009

Picture Pages

I had to take a picture of my mutant greens beans. You cannot buy anything like this in the store and they are organic! I usually eat green beans raw and it was so nice to be able to just pick the green beans, wash off a little bit of dirt, and take a bite. They were so good too.

Our peach tree is only a year old, but we already have peaches. The first harvest does not usually taste very good, but we are still hoping for some sweet pickings.

I love the idea of planting flowers in unusual planters, especially if they were items that were going to be thrown away. I was very lucky to find just that item at work this week. They are currently doing inventory, which means anything that cannot be counted goes in the trash. I was leaving work and noticed the lower part of a charcoal grill in the dumpster. Angela was nice enough to left me take it home and I placed a doublelicious hydrangea in it. Once it grows a little bigger and the bowl of the grill starts to show a little wear, it will look fabulous.

Finally, I planted African daisies all along the fencing to the tortoise enclosure. They do really well in the heat of the summer and they will help keep the dogs from getting to interested in Daisy and Squirt. I placed a border along the flowers today because sandy soil in the back yard does not absorb water right away. It tends to run everywhere but where you want it, so the border keeps the water where the flowers are. I have also been building a pile of rocks that we find in the back yard when gardening, etc., and this was the perfect area to place them. And yes, that is a tomato plant in the middle of my flowers. The tortoise enclosure used to be on that same part of the yard and apparently some of the cherry tomato seeds sprouted after I moved it. The plant was already flowering before I even realized it was there, so I decided to leave it.

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