Saturday, June 20, 2009

My prize for winning the battle against the yellow monster - the Montrose Art Walk!

As soon as they announce the date of the Montrose Art Walk each year, I make sure it is down on my calender. I love looking at all the beautiful and unique handmade items the vendors bring out, watching the various people, and tasting all kinds of carnival food that you don't get the rest of the year.

I was considering not taking any money this year because we are trying to save, but after working so hard on the house and painting the living room (the yellow monster), Rommel gave me an amount I could spend. And after walking through the art walk three times, every penny was gone.

First I picked up some lawn decor made out of this sheet metal material. I wanted something to put in the front garden, but I am not one for the cutesy, painted lawn decorations, so these were the perfect fit. I picked out a squirrel to place under the bird feeder and a duck with a few duckings to place in the garden. They kind of have an industrial feel to them and will eventually rust, which I kind of like the look of.

There were a million artisans selling their jewelry and they were all so gorgeous. I finally settled on this hounds tooth made of turquoise. My grandmother used to wear turquoise jewelry all the time, so it reminded me of her.

Of course I couldn't walk out of there without a bag or two or three. Every year I buy one from this vendor who makes purses out of vintage fabric. There were so many fun patterns, but I finally decided on this cool deer in the forest pattern. I also bought a small clutch that I can use to run errands. Another vendor was selling shopping bags made from canvas and rice bags from Thailand. She would buy the rice bags that were extras or that rice vendors were no longer printing and thus making something fabulous out of what was going to be trash.

Rommel also picked out a sign that he wanted to place by the front door. It is not usually my type of thing, but he was a trooper for spending hours walking back and forth with me, so he deserved it.

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