Monday, May 4, 2009

Sick Day

I spent my whole day off in bed sick after catching the flu from my husband (thanks for that honey!). My mind was not quite in top form, so instead of reading I decided to watch TV all day. Luckily there was a Rob & Big marathon on MTV and I just love Rob and Big Black. How can you not like two guys with lots of time on their hands and money to spend on stupid things who have a bulldog and a mini horse? My favorite episode is the one where they are driving in Hollywood and a spider man look-a-like stops in the middle of the road. They keep honking at him and he gets angry and throws his big gulp at their car. They end up buying a net gun and chasing him down. Obviously you have to see it to understand just how hilarious it is because my story telling does not do it any justice.

There were also several episodes of Made showing. I cannot help but watch it when it is on. Maybe I just like to see that other people had a miserable time in high school like I did. But I am also happy to see things turn out well for them. There was this one episode on yesterday that kind of pissed me off though. This girl Carrie wanted to have more confidence and be more girly. She could be kind of catty and annoying but that was probably because she was constantly being compared to her older brother who did not even go to school there anymore. Her coach was going to help her be more confident and find her "passion", which was acting. She was also supposed to find a date to her winter formal. This dumbass found out that she was going to be on the show and basically acted like he was into her so that he could get time on TV. Eventually she finds out that he really doesn't care for her and she finds someone else who is cute and totally into her, but more importantly she realizes that she is not her brother and can make her own place in school. (Hopefully the other guy will always be known as the asshole who tried to get face time on Made.)

You cannot watch that show without thinking about your own high school experience. I would like to say that I did not hate high school, but I did. I really hated high school, like with a passion. I went to an extremely small high school with a graduating class of one hundred people, most of which I had known since kindergarten. It was the type of school that was centered around the athletic department, which I stayed as far away from as I possibly could. I was not popular, but I was not an outcast or anything of that nature. I was pretty involved, participating in choir, plays, yearbook, math club, etc. But I was always focused on what was after high school. My hometown was so small there was no diversity or culture, just corn fields. I hated high school because of the lack of opportunity and the fact that everyone knew who you were. I think one of the happiest days of my life was when I graduated because I knew there were bigger and better things waiting for me in the world.

Of course I have a few good memories of high school, but I have blocked out most of those four years. It's great that people are excited about their class reunions and stuff like that, but I am not someone who looks forward to getting wasted in the town park.

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