Monday, November 17, 2008

More fires.

I had read about the Santa Barbara and Sylmar fires online, but they were spreading so fast and I had no idea how big they were. Then a fire broke out in Anaheim Hills. Even though we are several miles away, the wind slowly brought the smoke our way Saturday morning. That evening smelled like someone down the street was burning leaves and was unusually hot.

But the eeriest moment all weekend was when we were driving west for my friend's daughter's first birthday. The smoke was unbelievably gray and almost murky. We couldn't even tell if the smoke was from the fire north of us or the fire south of us. Finally the wind picked up so much, things cleared up and you could actually see the blue sky. But we couldn't get that image out of our heads.

Today was pretty much the same. I woke up with a sore throat after leaving the window open over night. It kind of smells like a smoker lives in our house. As I ran my errands, I saw several people wearing masks.

Hopefully the fires are under control soon and no one is hurt.

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